World Telecommunications Day

May 17th is World Telecommunications Day, so we're taking the opportunity to celebrate this interesting and ever evolving industry by talking to some of our colleagues in Belgium. We asked them how they ended up in this exciting and dynamic sector and what they like most about it.
 17th May, Brussels, BE

Why I Love Working in Telecom?

World Telecommunications Day

World Telecommunications Day

How long have you worked in telecom?

Yves Lamote: I have worked in the telecom industry since 2013. Previously I worked with telecom partners in the financial industry.

Katy Velkeneers: I have worked in telecom for 16 years, almost my entire career!

Immanuel Huon: I’ve worked in telecom since the start of my career, back in 1997. I started as support engineer which allowed me to learn the different products and services earlier in my career.

How did you end up working in telecom?

Yves: Looking back, it was a natural evolution after my graduation as an engineer. Back in the 1990s, monopolies were broken up and competition was introduced to the market. Consequently, telecom became an attractive and innovative business. I wanted to be part of that journey.

Katy: It all started in 2005, when I became a Marketing & Sales assistant at T-Systems. Our current country manager for GTT Belux, Michel Verwaerde, was my manager and mentor at that time. Afterwards I moved to another telecom provider as a Branch Manager for the Sales Support team which progressed into a Service Management role. Later, I made the move to GTT, already 5 years ago now.

Immanuel: I graduated as an industrial engineer specialized in digital techniques (hardware development) in 1997, but it was hard to find a job in that area as most of the hardware development was happening outside Belgium. On the other hand, telecommunication was growing rapidly at the time, which offered lots of challenging possibilities and opportunities.

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How long have you worked for GTT?

Yves: I have worked for GTT for 3 years now as a principal service manager.

Katy: I started at Interoute in April 2016 as Customer Service Manager and made the move to the sales department when we merged with GTT in 2018.

Immanuel: I joined GTT in 2005 (with Easynet that was subsequently acquired by Interoute and then GTT) as IP and ATM backbone engineer. After 5 years, I received the opportunity to move into a management role, leading a team of technical architects in the Benelux. My technical background helped a lot in understanding the complexity of the team’s challenges and in supporting the team to get the work done.

How would you describe the telecom business in 3 words?

Yves: international, connection and innovation

Katy: fun, masculine and innovative

Immanuel: dynamic, fascinating, and fast evolving

Something terribly exciting!

What’s the biggest advantage you see in working in telecom?

Yves: Serving clients with evolving, innovative solutions.

Katy: The telecom world is always changing. New year, new solutions and new challenges!

Immanuel: Telecommunications today is all about getting and staying connected which has become a fundamental fabric of our society. In today’s digital ecosystem, telecommunications is the foundation for governments, businesses, and communities. Working in the telecom industry allows me to follow these developments and trends closely.

Telecommunications today is all about getting and staying connected which has become a fundamental fabric of our society.
Immanuel Huon

What is your job at GTT and what do you like best about your current role?

Yves: Principal Service Manager. The part I really like is to be able to deliver a positive client experience. My favorite part is the international dimension of the job – both internally with colleagues and externally with clients.

Katy: Key Account Manager & Happy Coach.
I enjoy working in the sales department a lot because there is always a positive/winning vibe around. I am surrounded by a top team in Belgium, always there to help each other out. I enjoy the contact with the customers. I have missed the live aspect during the pandemic. I really like cross-departmental collaboration to create a solution and fix a problem for a customer.
Besides my regular job, as a GTT Happy Coach, my mission is to improve everyone’s well-being at work because happy people perform better and that positively impacts customer experience!

Immanuel: I am currently leading a team of technical architects in Belgium who mainly implement and support GTT’s core SD-WAN and Security products and services. This position gives me the opportunity to work closely with different departments in the organization (engineering, product development, sales, service- and project-management) which is something I really appreciate.

Would you suggest to young professionals to start their career in telecom?

Yves: Yes - as there there are many opportunities and career paths in telecom. Network connectivity will play an even bigger role in the coming years and early career professionals can be part of that evolution.

Katy: Definitely, because our industry is always on the move and that gives youngsters a lot of possibilities to develop themselves. But remember, it is not only about the industry you work in, it is also about the people who surround you. is not only about the industry you work in, it is also about the people who surround you.
Katy Velkeneers

Immanuel: I would certainly suggest younger professionals join the fascinating world of telecom as it has become an essential industry where people around the world are relying heavily on telecom services to connect with colleagues, family, and friends.
It will certainly offer an array of interesting career opportunities as it fully embraces the digital transformation we are in right now. Just look at the fast evolution in Software Defined Networks, 5G access, growth in cloud platforms, and the use of artificial intelligence in automation of infrastructure operations, etc.

Thank you!

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