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Bandwidth-intensive services and applications are core to global business. GTT’s suite of Transport and Infrastructure services provides highly scalable bandwidth and low-latency connectivity, enabling seamless transport of high-volume data and cloud-based applications between financial markets, data centres and business hubs around the world. 

Our Transport & Infrastructure Portfolio
  • Wavelengths

    High-speed, scalable connectivity with guaranteed bandwidth between global data centres, large office locations and service provider networks

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  • Low Latency

    Fast, secure connectivity, including the lowest latency transatlantic routes available today

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  • Ethernet Direct

    Scalable and deterministic connectivity

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  • Dark Fibre

    Maximum capacity, security and control across a broad geographic footprint

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  • Colocation

    Secure and flexible colocation across Europe and North America, offering a variety of service levels

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Transport and Infrastructure Map

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The GTT Difference

State-of-the-Art Optical Network

GTT’s fibre optic network is built with leading DWDM technology, spanning 103,000 route kilometres and operating with more than 400 optical PoPs. Our fibre routes extend across Europe and North America, connected across the Atlantic by three wholly owned and operated subsea cables including GTT Express, a 4,600 km, six-pair, 102 Tbps capacity cable system that is the fastest transatlantic route available today. This high-performance subsea fibre route is complemented by GTT Atlantic North and South — for redundancy and resiliency.

Diverse Routing Capabilities

GTT’s fibre optic network provides maximum routing flexibility to circumvent congested areas and meet your business’ unique requirements. We operate one of the largest, most advanced fibre networks that seamlessly connects 29 countries and 126 cities and includes an expansive pan-European footprint. Our low-latency, diverse transatlantic cables provide routes into North America that can bypass major network congestion points for optimal performance.

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