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Infrastructure for the World’s Financial Ecosystem

When every millisecond counts, global banks, hedge funds and proprietary trading firms turn to GTT as a trusted partner to meet their most latency-sensitive requirements.

GTT’s purpose-built networking platform for financial markets provides fast and secure connectivity between major financial trading centers and exchanges worldwide. Our network consists of over 60 unique low latency routes, including GTT Express, the world’s lowest latency transatlantic route. We connect more than 130 financial exchanges on six continents, ensuring we reach everywhere you do business.

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Unique Network Routes

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Optical Low Latency

GTT’s Optical Low Latency service delivers connectivity between key financial markets over GTT’s owned and operated fiber network that spans more than 75 PoPs in North America and Europe. Our Optical Low Latency offering includes GTT Express, connecting New York to London in under 59ms and providing access to the markets’ key financial exchanges (BATS, Nasdaq, NYSE, LSE, LME, Euronext, ICE) and Forex hubs. With five tiers of ultra-low latency services, GTT Express offers multiple options to meet the stringent network performance requirements of your financial trading activities.

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Ethernet Direct

GTT’s Ethernet Direct service allows you to meet specific bandwidth, latency and routing requirements. We offer guaranteed routes and latency SLAs, providing you with fast, highly available and secure connectivity without the financial commitment associated with higher bandwidth optical services. With GTT’s low latency Ethernet network, you can reach established and emerging financial centers and take advantage of our in-country infrastructure and expertise to easily connect to exchanges in geographies where you do not already have a physical presence.

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Time Synchronization Services

Globally synchronize your entire high-performance application stack across data centers and geographies. Time-as-a-service maintains a singular source of time, across nine global data centers, allowing you to correlate data sets and timestamp trade executions across your entire global trading infrastructure. GTT Time Synchronization provides a certified time source within sub-microsecond accuracy of UTC (NIST), the official time standard maintained by the U.S. government. We also help you meet regulatory reporting requirements by providing attestation reports on all active services with years of historical data as well as same-day performance metrics, all measured in real time against UTC clock drift.

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The GTT Difference

Flexible Bandwidth Options

Reach New Markets

Our low latency infrastructure provides high-performance access to trading opportunities in new markets. GTT offers connectivity, last mile management and local expertise in key emerging markets such as Brazil, Mexico, Johannesburg and Mumbai, with direct connectivity to the exchange colocation facilities.

Flexible Bandwidth Options

A Single Service Provider

From developed to high-growth markets, GTT meets all your trading infrastructure needs worldwide. Gain additional value by taking advantage of our comprehensive portfolio of services, including wide area networking, Managed SD-WAN, internet, managed services and voice.

Flexible Bandwidth Options

Customized and Scalable Solutions

GTT works with your business to meet specific latency performance, bandwidth and routing requirements while delivering the reliability and security that your business demands. Our team of sales consultants and network engineers are highly specialized in the specific needs of the financial markets industry, able to tailor the networking solution that meets your business objectives.

Comprehensive Compliance

Reduce Your Cost of Compliance

Time synchronization services decrease your cost of compliance with a global, turnkey solution. As regulators strive to achieve greater reporting accuracy across global trading venues, time synchronization becomes increasingly crucial to meeting these requirements. GTT allows you to prove compliance ahead of ESMA’s MiFID II regulation in Europe and SEC Rule 613 in the U.S.



GTT Wavelengths provide high speed, scalable connectivity, with guaranteed bandwidth.


Wide Area Networking Services

Tap into a flexible suite of Ethernet, VPLS and MPLS (IP VPN) service options.


Internet Services

Benefit from high-quality, reliable Internet connectivity, anytime and anywhere.


Accurate, Traceable, and Verifiable Time Synchronization for World Financial Markets

The increasing speed of financial market transactions requires precise timekeeping to meet regulatory requirements and ensure fair transactions.

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