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Top 5 Considerations When Moving From MPLS to SD-WAN

A report by GTT & IDC

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A report by


What are the most important considerations when moving from an MPLS solution to SD-WAN?

In a recent webinar GTT and IDC covered 5 of the most important issues enterprises should consider:

  1. Will SD-WAN generate cost savings to help conserve scarce IT budget resources?
  2. Isn't SD-WAN complex to implement and manage?
  3. Won't it be disruptive to IT infrastructure to replace my MPLS network with SD-WAN?
  4. Will an SD-WAN replacement of my MPLS network provide a more flexible and cost-effective platform to support the increased user requirements of a hybrid home and office work scenario?
  5. Isn't SD-WAN still evolving as a next-gen WAN technology, especially in relation to its security features, and shouldn't I wait until the technology and vendor landscape stabilizes?

Download the companion report where Ghassan Abdo, Research VP at IDC, presents his findings

Download the slides

Click here to watch the original webinar in full and download the slides; you’ll gain IDC insights on key networking trends, the drivers of SD-WAN adoption and SD-WAN benefits.  

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