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Digital Transformation: Breaking Down Barriers Video

A Webinar by GTT & Virtual Roundtables

Digital Transformation: Breaking Down Barriers Video

A webinar by

GTT Virtual Roudtables

Our panel of experts discuss how businesses have strategically adapted quickly to a changing business landscape, and how they foresee their continued transformation in 2021 and beyond.

Just months into a new decade, businesses were forced to rethink plans. The global pandemic acted as the catalyst for urgent bandwidth upgrades, a massive expansion of digital channels and the prioritization of secure remote access. The pace of change is only accelerating. It’s difficult to know what new technologies users will be demanding in the next 5 years, but the potential is immense. Agility and digital transformation have been elevated to the top of the agenda.

Independently moderated, this session bought together 4 digital transformation experts to discuss:

  • How enterprises have re-established a new normal
  • Transitioning from BCP to BAU
  • Operating through unprecedented times
  • Adapting and supporting a prolonged business continuity plan
  • Priorities into 2021

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