A Safer Approach to Remote Access

With users logging in from different locations, multiple devices, and using various cloud services, it’s never been so vital to manage the ways your network is accessed. That means taking control of who’s allowed on your network, what they have access to, and how they’re allowed to use it. With a zero-trust approach to authentication, you can prevent unauthorized intrusion and keep corporate data out of harm’s way.

The Benefits of ZTNA


Granular Access Control



Leverage identity-specific policies to determine access privileges at the individual and application level

Simplified Workflow


Reduce network segmentation and complexity with a single approach to policy management and threat detection



Provide a reliable, high-performance user experience (UX) by permitting access to the network for authorized end users regardless of their location

Remote VPN

Virtual private networks establish a private and encrypted connection between remote users and the corporate network. However, VPNs are an appliance-based method, meaning they’re difficult to scale for mobile workforces and take a very broad approach in terms of security, control and visibility. By offering implicit trust, VPNs allow users access to the network without first verifying their identity, enabling them to access data and use it at their discretion.

Cloud-delivered ZTNA

ZTNA strengthens remote access through an explicit trust framework. By first verifying every user’s identity before permitting access to the network, ZTNA automatically dictates which approved resources that user can access. As part of a cloud-delivered package, ZTNA can be scaled across all network edges without additional cost or complexity – all while providing the benefits of a multi-point security solution.



WHY GTT Zero-Trust Network Access?

  • No more frustrating bottlenecks that slow down performance and end-user experience
  • Complete and precise control over who’s allowed on your network before they access it
  • Confidence that all your bases are covered by an easily scalable, elastic solution
  • Shut down gaps in security and prevent unauthorized lateral movement on the network


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