The Year in Review: Looking Back on the Top Ten Blog Posts of 2020

Over the last year, our network and security experts have created a library of informative blogs, generating a robust following of GTT as an industry thought leader. The list below ranks the most popular blogs based on the number of clicks.

Whether you are looking for more insights into how SD-WAN improves application performance or ideas on how to boost your network security, this list has a blog for you.

#1VeloCloud, Silver Peak or Fortinet SD-WAN – Rich Vidil, VP of Sales Engineering for the Americas, gives a high-level evaluation of key SD-WAN technology vendors: VeloCloud, Silver Peak, and Fortinet.

#25 Reasons to Buy DIA from a Tier 1 Provider – Lila Dimopoulou, Product Manager for IP Services Europe, shares how DIA from Tier 1, 2 and 3 network providers is not equal. Here are the top five reasons why you should consider buying DIA from a Tier 1 provider.

#3DIY vs. Managed SD-WAN – Paul Ruelas, Senior Director Product Management, runs through reasons to either choose a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) SD-WAN deployment or a managed SD-WAN service.

#4How Do You Prepare for an Unpredictable Future – The COVID-19 pandemic caused sweeping global changes most businesses had never envisaged. In this blog post, EVP Platform and Engineering Operations, Paul Monteiro, discusses global business continuity planning and maintaining operations during the pandemic.

#5Is SD-WAN the MPLS Killer? – Rich Vidil explains the concept of SD-WAN as the “the MPLS killer”, where it came from, and if it’s indeed true.

#6Your Top 10 SD-WAN Questions Answered – Industry analyst, Lee Doyle, answers the top 10 most pressing questions in formulating an SD-WAN strategy. (Part one of a two-part blog post).

#73 Ways SD-WAN Can Future-Proof Your Enterprise – Paul Ruelas takes an in-depth look at three distinct ways in which SD-WAN can effectively “future-proof” your enterprise.

#8SASE, SD-WAN and the Unwritten Future of Enterprise Telecom – Paul Ruelas writes about how SD-WAN went from nonexistent to the next big thing in the blink of an eye. Now, SASE is poised to make a similar leap.

#9Manufacturing in the Digital Age – Richard Aspinall, SVP Northern Europe, CEE & APAC, explores how the new digital age is impacting manufacturers and reshaping enterprise networks.

#10Remote Working and Security Challenges – In this blog post, Samir Desai, Director, Product Management, offers up a security playbook with tactics for protecting end-users, as remote working and its security implications have shot to the top of the ICT agenda.

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Aerial Car Factory 3D Concept: Automated Robot Arm Assembly Line Manufacturing Advanced High-Tech Green Energy Electric Vehicles. Construction, Building, Welding Industrial Production Conveyor

SD-WAN in Manufacturing

Next-generation networking will help manufacturing companies respond quickly to rapid change and enable broader transformation. A recent survey by IDC* sponsored by GTT took the pulse of the industry across the U.S. and Europe to find the top drivers for transformation. Manufacturing enterprises that use a managed SD-WAN service do so for a wide variety of reasons: the top 2 are managing technology upgrades and getting better protection against security threats. Read the paper for more.

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Five reasons for Managed Detection and Response

This new blog from global director of security products at GTT, Erik Nordquist, looks at the myriad reasons MDR can save you time and money, while looking for threats 24/7.

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5 Tips for Defending Against DDoS Attacks

A blog that discusses the evolution and increasing sophistication of DDoS attack, and the steps to take and tools to implement that will help mitigate that threat.

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