Features & Benefits

  • More flexible than appliances

    Traditional managed network services are coupled with an appliance for each dedicated function (e.g., router, firewall). In contrast, universal CPE (uCPE) isn’t tied to software, which allows functions to be quickly adapted to client needs, like adding apps to a mobile phone.

  • Simplifies on-site installations

    Changing hardware can be slow and complex, especially if done over hundreds or thousands of sites. Once uCPE is established at a site, changes or additions require only a software change and hot a hardware swap.

  • Reduces client site requirements

    Fewer boxes mean fewer resources to worry about. With uCPE, adding or changing a function does not require a new appliance, eliminating the need for planning for cabling, space, power and cooling requirements.

  • Reduces Costs

    By separating hardware from software, uCPE can significantly reduce both the upfront cost and ongoing maintenance costs. This is especially helpful in countries with high import tariffs.


  • uCPE uses commodity hardware & virtualization technology to build a “universal CPE”

  • Software versions of vendor’s appliances are installed on the uCPE, separating hardware used for physical connections & packet processing from software used for services

  • The uCPE manages the relationship between physical hardware, network connections & software appliances

  • The flexibility of uCPE provides one physical device to:

    Service multiple types of virtualized network functions (VNFs)

    Combine VNFs in a service chain, such as an SD-WAN endpoint, virtualized switching fabric or next-generation firewall, allowing for increased agility in customer deployment

    Upgrade VNFs and services quickly and easily

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