DDoS Mitigation


DDoS attacks are growing in size and sophistication.
Ensure the security and availability of critical assets.

Advanced Mitigation Capabilities.
Flexible Service Options.

Maintain uptime to protect productivity, brand, reputation, and revenue.
Balance the security needs of your business with application performance.
Ensure the security, integrity and availability of critical organisational networks, applications, workloads, and assets.

The Benefits of GTT DDoS Mitigation


Business Continuity



Mitigate even the largest attacks, ensuring uptime for critical web-facing assets.

Real Time Response



Real-time, automatic, surgical protection against volumetric and state exhaustion attacks.

Increased Control



Comprehensive insight into DDoS activity, with self-service protection turn-up available.

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Flexible Service Options

Our flexible service includes always-on and on-demand service options. GTT's DDoS Mitigation service gives you the control to utilise always-on for point of sales or other mission critical traffic, but not every enterprise needs always-on mitigation. Choose the right protection for your business.

Cutting Edge Analytics & Mitigation

We utilise Corero’s industry-leading platform technology, including deep packet inspection, volumetric attack, state exhaustion attack, application attack filtering and dynamic customer traffic profiling to ensure that your data gets through but the attacks don't.

Guaranteed Service

We offer strong SLA availability guarantees, coupled with assurance that clean traffic will not be impacted by DDoS attack traffic.



Scalable and flexible service ensures you are protected – no matter what.

Tick   We have always-on and on-demand service options

Tick   There is minimal latency impact for all traffic diverted onto the mitigation platform

Tick   Clean traffic is delivered on the same port without complex, inflexible, and expensive internet tunnelling or back-haul

Tick   Our Service is based on Corero technology and optimised for Layer 4, covering the most common attack vectors

Tick   Our service supports cost-effective scaling to any required clean traffic bandwidth


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