Managed Secure Access

Ubiquitous Access to Your Network, Worldwide

As work continues to move outside the traditional office, companies need to ensure the right tools are in place to maximize employee productivity. GTT’s Managed Secure Access provides you with these capabilities, securely extending your network to branch offices, remote locations, mobile employees, business partners and customers around the world.


Everywhere You Work

Drive productivity organization-wide, through consistent access to all of the business applications and services that your company stakeholders require. With Managed Secure Access, your business can easily and securely stay connected, whether users are logging on to the network from the airport or a home office, their laptop or their smartphone.


Maximum Data Security

GTT’s Managed Secure Access is designed to meet the increasing demand from enterprises for reliable and secure communications. We utilize the latest design protocols for IPsec, SSL and TLS topologies, and offer both premises-based and cloud-based architectures. Managed Secure Access allows trusted users to establish a secure data connection from any browser or device, encrypting all traffic and protecting their network from unauthorized users.


Fully Managed, Backed by Expertise

Managed Secure Access is a fully managed solution that can be deployed in the cloud or on-site, leveraging industry-leading platforms such as Cisco, Dell, Fortinet and Pulse Secure. Our industry-leading experts will design, procure, implement, manage and monitor the service, minimizing your support costs and reducing total cost of ownership. With more than 15 years of experience, our certified security experts manage remote access for over 642,000 unique global users and up to 16 billion connections per month, in more than 16 countries around the world.

Flexible licensing
Simple to add and delete users

Cloud-based global traffic management

Allows you to connect via TLS or SSL, or IPsec with a managed router

Maximizes collaboration across your organization with anytime, anywhere access to corporate network and applications

Protects critical corporation information
Provides access controls with consideration for user, device and source network
Helps meet compliance requirements (PCI, HIPAA, SOX, etc.)

Fully scalable and resilient points of access
Around-the-clock availability
Flexible/on-demand capacity
Supports business continuity initiatives


Managed Services

Take advantage of industry-leading IT expertise and support at a lower total cost of ownership.


Managed Security Services

Multilayered security offerings and comprehensive compliance capabilities.


Managed Secure Access

Securely access your network from any location or device.


The Right Service Provider for the Cloud Era

Network service provider criteria in a cloud-first world and the GTT advantage.

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