Connect Your Way

Take advantage of secure, reliable connectivity for your global business with GTT’s Ethernet services. We offer Ethernet services in a variety of configurations and bandwidth speeds, providing you with the flexibility and scalability that you require.

Point-to-Point Ethernet

GTT’s point-to-point Ethernet provides dedicated, secure connectivity between two sites. This service is particularly suited for data center backup and disaster recovery requirements, with the ability to seamlessly support large data transfers between locations.

Point-to-Multipoint Ethernet

Our point-to-multipoint Ethernet can be used to link several sites together, allowing you to extend your LAN to offices and partners around the world. GTT can deploy multipoint Ethernet via a hub-and-spoke topology, delivering multiple VLANs over a single UNI, or by delivering multiple VLANs between two points. With a point-to-multipoint configuration, remote sites connect to a central location, but remain discrete from one another to ensure privacy.

Ethernet Direct

GTT’s Ethernet Direct service is a highly scalable offering that delivers guaranteed routes and latency SLAs between key financial markets, data centers and carrier hotels. The service is customizable to meet unique capacity, diversity and latency performance requirements, and can be used by organizations across diverse industries, as well as service providers. Ethernet Direct is particularly suited for the financial industry, including trading firms that may require a lower bandwidth alternative to wavelength services. Financial organizations can also leverage our low-latency network to access over 60 unique routes and more than 130 financial exchanges.

Real-Time Reporting

Gain detailed insight into your network performance, track real-time statistics and view order status and billing through our EtherVision portal.

Point-to-multipoint and point-to-point Ethernet configurations

Ethernet Direct – guaranteed routes and latency SLAs

Protected option available for Ethernet Direct

Highly flexible bandwidth

Global coverage – availability in over 300 PoPs

Ethernet Virtual Circuits (EVCs)
Ability to combine multiple traffic types and protocols on a single connection

Robust SLAs
Availability: 99.999%
Frame/packet loss ratio: ≤0.1%
Frame jitter: ≤2ms
Latency by region
Route-specific SLAs

VLAN tagging (802.1Q) and Q in Q tag stacking (802.1AD)

Up to 9000 byte MTU

Transparency of Class of Service (CoS) markings

Established NNIs with partner networks for seamless last mile coverage

Port types
Fast Ethernet (FastE), 1 GigE, 10 GigE
100 GigE – Standard Ethernet only


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Wide Area Networking

Tap into a flexible suite of Ethernet, VPLS and MPLS (IP VPN) service options.



Benefit from enhanced performance, more efficient bandwidth utilization and cost efficiencies across your network.


Internet Services

Benefit from high-quality, reliable Internet connectivity, anytime and anywhere.