Network Smarter

SD-WAN gives you more control, more visibility and affordable broadband access options. By working with GTT, you also get our expansive global reach, expert service and a commitment to simplicity.


Broadest Range of Access Options

GTT offers the widest range of access options, making it simple and cost-effective to integrate new locations and add network bandwidth as needed. GTT SD-WAN includes EoC or DSL, cable, network-based firewall and a managed SD-WAN device for a single monthly price. We also offer 3G/4G wireless connectivity and Ethernet over fiber for higher speed requirements.


Seamless Global Coverage

GTT’s SD-WAN leverages our global, Tier 1 IP backbone which transports client traffic between locations, to any destination on the internet or to any of our securely interconnected cloud service providers around the world. Our SD-WAN offering is available worldwide, with a range of access options per country.


Improved Network Performance and Visibility

SD-WAN continuously optimizes your network, in real time, by routing traffic over the best available WAN circuit. This capability enables you to prioritize mission-critical and latency-sensitive applications, such as voice and video, delivering optimal performance. We provide full visibility into performance and bandwidth usage by application, location and user through the GTT portal.


Enhanced Data Security

GTT SD-WAN includes end-to-end encryption for secure data transmission across our network and the public internet. Protect your internet bound traffic with our integrated, network-based firewall solution. Advanced firewall features are also available for additional internet security, including protection against external threats like DDoS.


A Single, Managed WAN

Take advantage of the benefits of SD-WAN without the risks of unpredictable costs and operational complexity. Our dedicated technical experts will design, implement, install and optimize your SD-WAN service from end-to-end, leveraging our experience as an established managed services provider.

GTT can help you transition to SD-WAN at your own pace, starting with a service trial. For more information on SD-WAN, including our 60-day satisfaction guarantee, contact us today.

Download our SD-WAN Translation Guide

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Broadest access footprint
3G/4G wireless
Ethernet over fiber

Global reach
Leverages GTT’s leading Tier 1 IP backbone
Integrated, secure connectivity between GTT’s core network and the internet via our on-net SD-WAN gateways

Private, secure connectivity to leading cloud service providers
Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, IBM and Oracle

Increased performance and efficiency
Route applications to the best available path
Utilize all available bandwidth

Complete visibility through our client portal
Insight into performance and comprehensive analytics
Manage business and security policies



Benefit from enhanced performance, more efficient bandwidth utilization and cost efficiencies across your network.


Wide Area Networking

Tap into a flexible suite of Ethernet, VPLS and MPLS (IP VPN) service options.


Managed Services

Take advantage of industry-leading IT expertise and support at a lower total cost of ownership.


Choosing the Right Network Service Provider for Your Global Enterprise

How the right network service provider can drive success in the cloud.

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collaboration, mobility and growth.