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Access Point Fees

Service & Regulatory Fees

Account Maintenance Fee

A fee of $3.95 will be applied to any single location commercial service accounts or any invoice responsible multi-location commercial service account for the preparation and delivery of your monthly invoice. A fee of $1.95, per account, will be applied to any multi-location commercial service account for the preparation and delivery of individual monthly invoices to the individual service locations. A fee of $.95 will be applied to any residential account for the preparation and delivery of your monthly invoice.

Regulatory Recovery Fee

Local, State and Federal agencies require Access Point, Inc. to make various payments throughout the year. This particular fee was established to help Access Point, Inc. recover the cost of these assessments and administrative expenses. Regulatory Recovery Fee will be assessed and invoiced to the end -user based on interstate and international services. (Rate of 3.60%)

End User Common Line Charge

Local Phone companies recover some of the costs of the telephone line connected to your home or business through a monthly charge on your local telephone bill. This charge is usually called the Subscriber line charge. It is sometimes called the "Federal Subscriber Line Charge" because it is regulated by the FCC and not by state public utilities commissions. Local telephone companies collect subscriber line charges to cover part of their costs of operating and maintaining the local telephone network.

Dual Party Relay Charge

This is a charge ordered by the Public Service Commission to be paid by all subscribers to fund the relay service for hearing/speech-impaired customers. 

Local Number Portability (LNP) Charge

(LNP) Local Number Portability is the ability of users of telecommunications to retain, at the same location, existing telephone numbers without impairment of quality, reliability or convenience when switching from one telecommunications carrier to another. The FCC has authorized the recovery of the charges associated with implementing the order through a federal charge assessed to end-users.


PICC (Pre-subscribed Interexchange Carrier Charges) represents the fees that long distance carriers must pay to the local telephone companies for the use and maintenance of local telephone lines. These fees are billed to your long distance carrier by your local telephone company and are used to offset the costs of connecting your telephone service to your long distance carrier while helping to reduce long distance rates. If Access Point, Inc. is providing your local telephone service then we pass these fees along to the underlying local carrier whose facilities we are using.

USF: What is it?

Answer:  The USF (Universal Service Fund), created by the federal government, is designed to help ensure first-class, affordable telecommunications service for all consumers across the country, especially residents in high-cost rural communities and low-income areas. Additionally, the Federal USF helps to fund discounted telecommunications services for schools, libraries and rural health-care facilities.

Property Tax Surcharge

 The Property Tax Surcharge is a non-discountable monthly charge, applied to recover property tax assessments and other fees imposed by certain taxing jurisdictions upon local exchange carriers, Access Point or its underlying carriers and passed on directly or indirectly to Access Point. This is not a tax, but a recovery of expenses that Access Point is required to pay. The Property Tax Surcharge is equal to the Customer’s total interstate, international and unregulated charges (including usage and non-usage charges), after the application of applicable discounts and credits, multiplied by 1.50%.

Network Cost Recovery Fee

The Network Cost Recovery Fee is an aggregated monthly charge assessed (by API) to recover cost incurred by API in purchasing and maintaining local loops and other network components used to provide uniform data access services, interconnection obligations and company specific local number portability. This fee is 4.99% of a customer's monthly data charges exclusive of taxes and surcharges for the following services: Internet, private line, MPLS and Ethernet.

Access Recovery Charge

The Access Recovery Charge (ARC) is a non-discountable monthly charge applied to recover the cost of administration of local loops ordered by Access Point on behalf of the customer from third party providers and also the cost of supporting Network Node Interfaces (NNI's) and systems to support the traffic management. This fee is 0.9% of a Customer's Monthly data charges exclusive of taxes and surcharges for the following services: cable, DSL, and Wireless.

Carrier Cost Recovery Fee

Due to recent regulatory changes affecting network costs, there is now a Carrier Cost Recovery fee of $3.00 per line for POTS, Centrex, PBX and BRI lines.  The Carrier Cost Recovery Fee is a non-exemptible monthly charge applied on a per line basis and is related to the Federal Intercarrier Compensation Rules that set the rates charged between carriers for exchange of telecommunications traffic and also compensates for cost increases by our underlying carriers.

Convenience Fees

Credit Card Convenience Fee

In order to serve you better, we accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express credit cards. Please be advised that we charge a convenience fee when you pay with any of the aforementioned cards.

This table outlines the convenience fees that will be assessed if authorization to receive payment via credit cards is received.




  $100 & below


  $101 - $200


  $201 - $300


  $301 - $400


  $401 - $500


  $501 - $600


  $601 - $700


  $701 - $800


  $801 - $900


  $901 - $999


  $1000 & above

3% of total. Examples:
$1000 x 0.03 = $30.00
$2000 x 0.03 = $60.00
$3000 x 0.03 = $90.00


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