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COVID-19 Coronavirus Update

This page provides regular updates to how we are operating and the delivery of our services. For a full view of the measures we are taking at this time, please click here.

Updated 03 January 2022 07:00 EST: Governments in several countries continue to announce changes to COVID-19 related national restrictions, such as those placed on travel or the opening of certain business premises.

For those of our clients currently engaged with our site support or delivery teams, we encourage you to keep us apprised of any related upcoming changes to your business operations, especially with regards to any new access restrictions. This will enable us to work with you proactively to prepare for any required site visits.

GTT’s current business continuity plans remain in place globally with no change, as our Business Continuity and Corporate Security teams continue to carefully monitor the situation around the world.

Update 20th March 2020 07:00 EST: Due to continued developments across the globe and aligned to the multiple city, state and government restrictions now in effect, GTT is now operating under a full BCP across our global NOCs and offices. All of our NOCs are home-working, which includes but is not limited to our Service Desk and Network Monitoring teams, Service Delivery & Provisioning.

Our operating capability remains unaffected by these restrictions. However, as more stringent access protocols have been imposed across Europe and the US, we continue to see some delay in response times related to physical infrastructure requirements in this region and are prepared for this to be replicated across our global footprint over time.

GTT is also ensuring adherence to health and safety guidelines for all of our employees and offices, our clients, and the community by following the recommendations of local public health authorities as well as local landlord requirements in all of our locations globally.

We continue to work closely with the relevant stakeholders and our critical supply chains to manage and minimize any potential impact to the operation or delivery of client services.

This statement is reviewed regularly, and we will continue to provide updates detailing any changes to our current position.



This page was last reviewed & updated: 3rd January 2022 at 07:00 Eastern Standard Time.

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