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Investor FAQs

Investor FAQs

GTT is the leading cloud networking provider to the world. If you have questions regarding GTT, please send us an email at [email protected] or read our Frequently Asked Questions below.

Q: Where is GTT’s corporate headquarters?

A: The company is headquartered in the Washington, D.C. area – McLean, VA, USA

Q: When does GTT’s fiscal year end?

A: December 31st

Q: Does GTT pay dividends?

A: No, the company does not pay dividends at this time.

Q: Who are GTT’s auditors?

A: GTT’s independent auditors are CohnReznick, LLP, 8045 Leesburg Pike, Suite 300, Vienna, VA 22182, USA

Q: What is GTT’s transfer agent?

A: GTT’s transfer agent is American Stock Transfer & Trust (AST). The trust agent is responsible for maintaining all records of stockholders (including change of address, telephone number, and name), canceling or issuing stock certificates, and resolving problems related to lost, destroyed, or stolen certificates. AST’s contact information is:

AST American Stock Transfer & Trust Company
59 Maiden Lane, Plaza Level
New York, NY 10038, USA
+1 718-921-8124

Q: Where is the company incorporated?

A: GTT is a Delaware corporation which was incorporated on January 3, 2005.

Q: When did GTT go public?

A: GTT went public on April 15, 2005 as Mercator Partners Acquisition Corp. The company’s name was changed to Global Telecom and Technology, Inc. in October, 2006 and to GTT Communications, Inc. in January 2014.

Q: If I have questions about the company, who do I contact?

A: Investors may email GTT at: [email protected] 

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