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Advanced Services

Trusted Advisors on Your Digital Journey

Digital transformation is complex, but GTT’s team of highly trained experts can simplify it. Our Advanced Services portfolio includes a range of customizable and adaptable services developed based on business and system needs.

Features & Benefits

  • Enterprise-Grade Professional Services

    We offer dedicated and shared resources centrally or on-site with your teams, providing service management, technical management and project management to simplify and enhance our core services.

  • Application & Database Management

    GTT has a long history of expertise in application and database management across hybrid environments. GTT can provide 24/7 management and visibility of your business critical infrastructure and applications across the globe.

  • Intelligent Monitoring Platform

    Our customised platform gives true visibility into performance and application availability across all your environments from a single tool.

  • Enhanced End-to-End SLA

    GTT acts as a trusted advisor, managing the entire network and compute environment. We provide tailored end-user and application-level SLAs relevant to your business needs.


  • 24/7 service team delivering proactive monitoring & support

  • Intelligent monitoring platform combines best of breed commercial tools with internally developed technology

  • Real-time intelligence

  • Integrated with GTT’s EtherVision portal for end-to-end visibility

  • Management across any platform

    Managed across GTT’s Hybrid Cloud and the client’s environment

  • Applications include

    Active Directory
    Apache HTTP Server
    Apache Tomcat
    MariaDB Foundation
    Microsoft IIS
    Microsoft SQL Server
    Oracle Database

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