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Firewall Protection.

As networks expand to include new cloud deployments, they leave behind security gaps in the process. With corporate data becoming an increasingly lucrative target, your business needs a solution that mitigates these shortcomings and elevates your network security stack. GTT FWaaS, delivered as part of a SASE framework, offers next generation firewall (NGFW) capabilities as a cloud-based service.

The Benefits of FWaaS


Multiple Services In One Unified Solution



Deploy antivirus, anti-malware and firewall capabilities from a single platform interface

Application Aware Firewall


Expand your firewall to Layer 7 protection and strengthen your security posture at the application level



Traditional Firewall vs. FWaaS

Traditional firewall technologies are limited by their physical traffic capacity – a major barrier as your organization grows and must protect itself from sudden increases in network traffic. Appliance-based protection also results in disparate policies and scattered deployments, leaving backdoors and vulnerabilities in your network. Firewall as a Service provides the centralized management needed to scale your security posture.

Improved Network Visibility

Simplify application management with unprecedented control over your corporate network – no physical appliances necessary. FWaaS takes traditional firewall security several steps further. Delivered as an elastic cloud-based service, this solution allows your organization to scale your network security stack as it grows, without the need for incremental capital or time-consuming deployment. Because of its cloud infrastructure, the solution effectively protects all cloud applications for optimal performance without the need to backhaul traffic.

Simplified, Integrated & Optimized Security

No longer will your security stack be limited by separate appliances and duplicate architectures. FWaaS integrates all of your cornerstone capabilities – antivirus, anti-malware and firewall visible through a single-pane-of-glass view. Connect your entire organization to a unified security policy, aggregate all of your traffic to the cloud and enjoy complete visibility into your network.





  • Centralized visibility and control over your firewall policies
  • Multi-point protection in one complete solution
  • Purpose-built for cost-effective elasticity
  • Simplified maintenance, configuration and deployment


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