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Eliminate Exposure to
External Threats.

As enterprises invest in digital technologies, the volume of business carried out over the internet continues to grow. Your staff, customers and partners are increasingly exposed to malicious sites and web-based threats. GTT Secure Web Gateway (SWG), delivered as part of a SASE framework, offers you robust protection from online security risks.   

The Benefits of Secure Web Gateway

Outbound Cyber Defense



Detect and filter malware, phishing and botnet attacks by denying access to malicious sites

Business Asset Protection


Secures against threats from external networks such as the Internet

Policy Enforcement


Block access to inappropriate sites or content based on your established acceptable use policies

Standard Secure Web Gateway

Standard Secure Web Gateway allows your enterprise to apply granular control over your network environment by configuring policies and filtering traffic based on those rules. With advanced capabilities such as URL filtering and SSL inspection, your network can detect malware, phishing attacks and other web-based threats. Content filtering acts as a light firewall to deny access to malicious or inappropriate sites.

Integrated Cloud Gateway

A directly integrated cloud-based platform leverages multiple cloud services in one solution. With additional scalability and elasticity, you expand your SWG from disparate stand-alone environments to one unified, robust and cost-effective cloud perimeter. The result is a comprehensive data protection platform that eliminates risk and is seamlessly integrated with the rest of your cloud security stack. Continue your migration to the cloud with the confidence that your network remains secure.




  • Controlling and protecting web traffic
  • Offering confidence your enterprise is protected from web-based threats
  • Providing visibility and classification of web traffic
  • Safeguarding your data and increasing compliance with zero-day protection
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