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Managed Network Services

Meet Performance and Efficiency Objectives

GTT’s Managed Network Services ensure the health of your network through diverse, worldwide service from network monitoring to full management of your CPE devices. Our engineering experts will procure, install and configure your network equipment quickly and efficiently.

Features & Benefits

  • Flexible, Diverse Offering

    With GTT’s Managed Network Services, you can choose from a wide range of GTT-supplied and supported CPE devices, such as Cisco, Fortinet, Accedian, ADTRAN and Cradlepoint. From routers to switches to wireless access points, we install and manage your equipment and provide various support packages to ensure your sites stay up and running.

  • Proactive Approach, Optimal Performance

    As your managed service provider, GTT offers proactive monitoring services, providing full reporting on your network performance and the health of your CPE and circuits. Our comprehensive metrics are delivered on a per-circuit basis and include core latency, throughput, circuit speed, jitter and CPE up/down status, providing you with ongoing insight into your network health. We send ICMP pings every three minutes to check network availability for quick and proactive resolution of issues.

  • End-to-End Management

    Our fully managed CPE service option includes proactive network monitoring, network and CPE configuration and full device management. Benefit from our expertise with full life cycle management of the CPE — from analysis of need and proof of concept to selection and device deployment. We also provide change management, configuration archival and management, administrative task support and bug fixes.

  • Managed Connectivity Across Devices

    Provide secure network access to your employees across business locations with Managed WiFi. Our WiFi services eliminate the hassle and expense of monitoring and managing a wireless network with end-to-end management. We design, configure, deliver, monitor and manage your service using GTT-provided equipment, which is backed by a 100% repair and replacement warranty.


  • Proactive monitoring/alert response 24x7x365 monitoring

  • Detailed network metrics

    Core latency, throughput, circuit speed (usable %), jitter, CPE up/down status

  • Fully managed CPE

    Configuration of devices

    Management of routers, firewalls, switches, and wireless access points

    Monthly service reports

    Change management

    Software/firmware patches

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