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Retail & eCommerce

Optimal Customer Experience for a Digital World

With consumer shopping habits spanning an ever-growing number of channels, across both devices and physical locations, staying ahead of digital technologies is critical to today’s retailer. GTT's services are built to enable an omnichannel approach, enhancing customer experience while improving operational efficiency. Flexibility and scalability allow our retail clients to adapt with the market, safe in the knowledge that their security and compliance needs are being met.

Our Retail & eCommerce Portfolio

Reliable Global Connectivity

Retail stores require highly available, stable, low cost connectivity to support core Point of Sale (POS) services. Ensuring your supply chain can operate efficiently and seamlessly also relies on a reliable network. GTT provides infrastructure across the globe, enabling organizations to access core applications located centrally.

Telephony Solutions

Many retailers are dependent on legacy ISDN infrastructure for telephone services such as customer helplines. GTT can facilitate the migration of these services to VoIP and SIP. Our services allow you to support your customers via a single trusted platform, and a converged service with networking can result in savings of 25% to 40% on telephone bills.

Supporting Online Channels

GTT supports eCommerce, web front ends and customer back ends. Our global infrastructure and low-latency network ensure speed and performance for access to online ordering platforms. We deliver scalable resources to facilitate peak changes, supporting on-demand requirements globally.

Security & Compliance

Having Level 1 PCI DSS certifications means we can provide the assurance you need to build your digital solutions on a reliable foundation with the peace of mind that your customer’s data is fully secured. Our highly available firewalls have IPS/IDS and DDoS mitigation to increase security and offset malicious activity.

Rapid Deployment

When lead times for the opening of a new store are short, GTT can support rapid deployment with its owned networked assets, core last-mile suppliers and 4G capabilities.

On-site Network Optimization

Increased bandwidth is often required as retail stores strive to improve the consumer experience with new on-site applications. In-store content such as smart screens and video screens can be supported by GTT’s SD-WAN and WAN solutions.

  • SD-WAN

    Transform your WAN with dynamic network traffic management

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  • MPLS

    High-performance, secure connectivity for your global enterprise, backed by end-to-end SLAs

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  • SIP Trunking

    Integrate diverse communications with our redundant SIP Trunking offering

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  • Managed Security

    Protect your business with cloud and premises-based security and compliance capabilities

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  • Low Latency

    Fast, secure connectivity, including the lowest-latency transatlantic routes available today

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