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Optimizing net gains: Building efficient and effective network coverage

In today's digital-first age, networks play a crucial role like never before. With the exponential rise in global data consumption, businesses encounter the task of optimizing their networks while keeping costs in line. Discover in this article by Joe O'Halloran's from Computer Weekly how companies like Etex, a global building materials specialist, can achieve efficient and effective network coverage globally with GTT Managed SD-WAN, ensuring smooth operations and enhanced customer experiences.

The future of networking: Innovation, transparency and connectivity

Oliver Schwarz, VP of engineering and architecture at GTT, identifies three components of successful future enterprise networks in a new article published by Beta News. Oliver explains how cloud computing will continue to spur innovation, why network transparency is essential to network security, and the value of new 400G optical networks.

Taking a holistic approach to digital immunity

As more critical applications move to the cloud, businesses face additional challenges in safeguarding sensitive data. In this article published by Data Centre Review, GTT's Tom Homer outlines essential steps for businesses to ensure that their digital assets remain secure in today's constantly shifting and complex cyber threat landscape.

SD-WAN – the cornerstone of modern networking

SD-WAN's rapid growth is undeniable, but are organizations leveraging its full potential? In this article for TechNative, Todd Kiehn, SVP, Strategy and Product, GTT, highlights the crucial need for integrating robust cybersecurity frameworks like SASE and ZTNA to ensure network safety in today's hybrid work landscape.

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