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Cloetta at a glance

Global Wholesale Support

Cloetta is a market-leading confectionery company. Its candy, chocolates, jellybeans, nuts and chewing gum are sold in more than 50 countries around the world. It is the name behind the biggest confectionery brands in many European countries.





The Need

Cloetta is growing fast, and as it acquires new businesses, it is critical that its IT infrastructure is flexible enough to quickly integrate disparate IT systems and can adapt to new needs.

Digital Transformation

Digitally transforming and needs a network that can keep up

Mobile Workforce

2,500 employees located in 11 countries and 8 production facilities

Flexibility & Scalability

The need for control and to rapidly deploy software updates, everywhere and on a continuous basis.


GTT is helping us by providing a full managed service and continuously improving the safety measures to ensure that our network traffic is isolated properly and secured.

GertJan Minkels –Solution Architect, Cloetta

The GTT Solution

Supporting new dynamic and collaborative ways of working

Cloetta is always looking for new, smarter services and was an early adopter of GTT SD-WAN. As its local offices use an increasing number of cloudbased applications such as Microsoft Office 365, Cloetta needed a network service that could support a more digital and collaborative way of working. A key requirement was that the infrastructure needed to be able to incorporate mobile working through internetbased applications, integrated with its secure critical data systems held in the core corporate network. GTT's core network backbone combined with GTT SD-WAN gives branch offices fast internet access to the applications they need in a secure, controlled environment, integrated with their core MPLS network, which carries Cloetta's critical data traffic.

Optimized performance for cloud-based applications

With so many users in the field, Cloetta's applications and systems must be fast, flexible and accessible regardless of the device or location. From booking orders at customer sites, to communication and collaboration, application performance is crucial. GTT SDWAN helps Cloetta maximize the use of its local internet to supplement its corporate network in the most cost-effective way.

Intelligently optimizing application data flow

GTT SD-WAN gives Cloetta full control of how it routes and prioritizes traffic across its network, an important feature for the organization. Its network traffic is separated into three dynamic paths. MPLS IP VPN is used for critical traffic such as its ERP system, video and voice traffic, which are depended on throughout the organization. Non-business critical traffic is optimized and accelerated using another path. This path uses a secure tunnel over the public internet to deliver low-latency access to cloudbased applications, ensuring a better user experience. Finally, low-priority public internet activity is also passed through the SD-WAN device to ensure it is secure. The result gives operational stability combined with cloudbased agility.

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