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Data Protection and Cyber Security on Internet Server Network with Secure Access to Protect Privacy against Attacks. Illustration with Electronic Circuit Board Connections and Cybersecurity Icons.

SASE is a Journey – Not a Silver Bullet

Leaders are adapting to evolving business continuity demands. To stay ahead of threats, teams must view securing their Network and Security ecosystems as a continuous journey. Secure Access service edge (SASE) framework is the path to stronger cyber security.

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Podcast: “What’s Up with Tech?” | Episode: “Global Security and Network Excellence: Insights from GTT”

Successful digital business transformation relies on the right people with the right skills to protect your underlying network. With the growing cybersecurity skills gap how can enterprises stay ahead of cyber criminals? GTT's Erik Nordquist explains what businesses can do to secure their data and protect their networks on this "What's Up with Tech?" podcast with Evan Kirstel B2B TechFluencer.

Cyber Security Intelligence – Securing The Supply Chain

Supply chain attacks are projected to rise, underscoring the critical need for robust security frameworks. In this Cyber Security Intelligence article, GTT's Tom Major explores the need for a Zero Trust approach to bolster supply chain security. Explore the full insights here.

Manufacturing giant Hansgrohe fixes its own plumbing with GTT to operate as a global, digital whole

In this Diginomica article, Matthias Götz, Global Head of Infrastructure and Operations at Hansgrohe, shares insights on how the renowned luxury fixtures manufacturer is leveraging SD-WAN to realize cost savings, enhanced speed and improved operational efficiency across their global footprint. Read the article for more and see how GTT helps Hansgrohe thrive.

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