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GTT Communications, Inc., a leading global provider of managed network and security services to multinational organizations, announced its adoption of the artificial intelligence for IT operations platform by Selector, the leading provider of network-aware AIOps, observability and multi-domain analytics. With Selector, GTT is redefining IT Operations with comprehensive observability, actionable insights for managing networking and application infrastructures, root cause analysis and advanced analytics.

Over two-thirds of GTT’s customer traffic originates and terminates on its global Tier 1 IP backbone.1 To enhance the customer experience, GTT is applying Selector to its internal IP backbone monitoring systems to gain efficiency by using AI and machine learning to correlate data across multiple data sources and types. GTT can proactively detect and remediate operational issues, optimize resource allocation and prevent service interruptions.

Selector was recently named a 2023 Gartner® Cool Vendor in Monitoring and Observability and offers GTT multiple high-impact features, including:

  • Cutting-edge machine learning to power smart alerting, automated event correlation, anomaly detection and root cause analysis — allowing GTT to shift from reactive to proactive incident management workflows.
  • Comprehensive observability and actionable insights for managing networking, security and application infrastructures, root cause analysis, and advanced analytics. Use cases include detecting significant drops or changes in traffic, link quality degradation, traffic management patterns, forecasting and proactive alerting.
  • Search-driven query functionality delivers a conversational experience for operators to drill down, surface root causes, file tickets and remediate issues through conversational AI.
  • Support for integrations with a wide range of data formats and sources, including network, infrastructure, cloud services and applications.

GTT recognizes the transformational elements of AIOps in revolutionizing its operations in partnership with Selector while continuously driving implementation of new use cases to support additional business outcomes and empower enterprises through technology. GTT's investment in continuous innovation delivers tangible results and ongoing improvement to end-user experiences, providing a pathway for customers to achieve their business objectives while relying on GTT to securely manage their Wide Area Network with streamlined efficiency.

"Our work with Selector reflects a shared dedication to innovation for operational excellence," said Fletcher Keister, chief product and technology officer, GTT. "Leveraging the power of AIOps across the network accelerates our ability to ingest, analyze, correlate and act on data to continuously improve our network's performance and deliver the best service experience for our customers."

"Selector's AIOps solution has been successfully deployed at some of the world's largest enterprises and service providers," said Kevin Kamel, vice president of product management at Selector. "GTT's decision to partner with Selector further reinforces the importance of leveraging collaborative AI or ML solutions for optimizing IT operations. By utilizing Selector, GTT is experiencing firsthand the significant improvements in operational efficiency that AIOps can bring."

1 12-month average, December 2022-November 2023.

À propos de GTT

GTT est un fournisseur mondial de réseaux managés et de services de sécurité pour les organisations multinationales. Nous concevons et fournissons des solutions qui tirent parti des technologies avancées en matière de cloud, de mise en réseau et de sécurité. Nos solutions sont complétées par un accompagnement local avec des consultants spécialisés ainsi que des équipes ventes et support dans le monde entier. We serve thousands of national and multinational companies with a portfolio that includes SD-WAN, security, internet, voice and other connectivity options. Sa force est son backbone IP mondial Tier 1, qui couvre plus de 260 villes sur six continents. La culture d’entreprise repose sur une expérience de service axée sur le client, renforcée par notre engagement envers l’excellence opérationnelle et l’amélioration continue de nos pratiques commerciales, environnementales, sociales et de gouvernance. For more information, visit

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Relations avec les investisseurs, GTT :

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