EtherVision is GTT’s Client Service Management Portal

Login to EtherVision to raise a ticket, check order status and find other important account information.

What is EtherVision?


View and manage your tickets using a simple ticket overview grid, updated in real time which is sortable and searchable. Open tickets from multiple locations including the tickets page, the monitoring map and your active services list.


See a global view of your sites, color-coded for issue categorization. Drill down to specific sites to see detail and export status to a file. Set custom thresholds and alert criteria for your individual sites and use the portal to see your network statistics reports.

Order Management & Quoting

View your order details, current order status, important dates, and access your project manager information, all from one place. You can also use the portal to request additional services from your account team.

Billing Information

View your invoices from current and prior periods and initial billing inquiries and disputes online.


How do I find contact information in EtherVision?


The initial screen in EtherVision contains access to all essential contact numbers and email addresses for service and account issues. The Contact List section contains two tabs.

Account Managers

- This tab contains the contact information for your account director.

Account Manager/Director contact details

NOC Contacts

- The NOC Contacts tab contains the email and phone number for your specific NOC along with the escalation list you should follow if you need an emergency escalation.

NOC contact details


Where do I send my remittance advice?


Payment remittance advice can be sent to [email protected]


Where do I send a billing enquiry?


If you have a billing inquiry, please contact GTT billing at the phone number listed on your invoice or send an email to [email protected]. You can also submit an inquiry through the EtherVision client portal. When contacting GTT for billing inquiries, please provide the following information:

- Client account number
- GTT circuit ID/PON number
- Invoice number(s)
- Billing contact name
- Billing contact phone number and email address
- Reason for your inquiry


How do I log a ticket?


You can log a ticket through the EtherVision, GTT’s client portal or by contacting your assigned NOC directly. The contact details for your specific NOC are contained on the dashboard page in EtherVision.

Opening a ticket directly in EtherVision:
Open a ticket in EtherVision

New ticket button

Finding your NOC contacts on the dashboard in EtherVision
Find your NOC contacts on the EtherVision dashboard


How do I pay my invoice?


Please refer to your invoice for remittance information.


Where can I get a W-9 form?


You can download the W-9 form here.


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