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Hungary Regulatory Notification


Based on the regulatory conditions in Hungary and because GTT provides voice services in Hungary, GTT is providing certain information in response to Decision No. PS/10257-196/2023 of the Hungarian National Media and Infocommunications Authority (the NMHH).  In accordance with this decision, GTT, through its entity operating in Hungary, GTT Communications Netherlands B.V., is considered as a service provider with significant market power and as such has an obligation to publish the following information: The wholesale fixed voice call termination rate, as published by the NMHH, is 0.2687 HUF/minute as of 1 January 2024.

It is important to note:  GTT does not provide wholesale voice services in Hungary, as that term is referred to in Section I.A) of the Decision.  This is intended to fulfil the regulatory requirement of the NMHH to publish the terms and conditions of the use of the wholesale fixed voice call termination service. GTT fulfills on this requirement by referring to the relevant website of the Hungarian network operator(s) Magyar Telekom containing the terms and conditions of the user of the wholesale fixed voice call termination service: https://www.telekom.hu/rolunk/szolgaltatasok/nagykereskedelem/helyhez-kotott/halozat-osszekapcsolas-es-hivasvegzodtetes.

This notification is specific to wholesale fixed voice call termination services only.

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