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Röchling Automotive Powers Its Global High-Performance Network Across Four Continents With GTT Managed SD-WAN

McLean, VA, December 13, 2023

GTT Communications, Inc., a global leader in managed network and security services for multinational organizations, has successfully transitioned Röchling Automotives global network from MPLS to Managed SD-WAN. The network service connects 40 locations and 5,500 employees across Europe, North and South America and Asia, enabling the manufacturer to pursue its goals in digitalization and international growth more efficiently.

Röchling Automotive is assured resilience and intelligent performance optimization for its continuous global operations through the high availability SD-WAN network architecture used to connect its production facilities, business locations, a private data center and productivity-enhancing cloud services such as the Röchling Echo Cloud. GTT Cloud Connect supports connectivity to the manufacturer’s Microsoft Azure cloud-hosted services with resilient, cost-effective links and end-to-end security. Röchling Automotive relies on GTT to manage, monitor and support its network, freeing up time for its internal IT department to focus on digital enhancements to productivity and customer experience.

"Our digitalization and move to Industry 4.0 mean the connectivity between our systems, processes and facilities around the world is critical for our business," explains Christian Mall, IT Manager, Network and Datacenter Global at Röchling Automotive. "Shifting to GTT Managed SD-WAN has led to a twofold increase in bandwidth and a 20% reduction in incidents across our global network, underpinning our smooth transition to Smart Manufacturing. GTT is our proven and trusted partner, which is why we're considering further enhancing our security with GTT Secure Connect, based on the Secure Access Service Edge framework."

"We are pleased to contribute to Röchling Automotive's success story with our advanced network solutions and to support this dynamic company in achieving its business goals," said Tom Homer, President, Europe Division, GTT. "This SD-WAN and managed firewall implementation highlights our ability as a global Managed Service Provider to deliver security, networking, and expertise that help propel businesses digitally by protecting their operations today and into the future."

As Röchling Automotive’s business footprint evolves, GTT Managed SD-WAN enables the quick and seamless integration of its corporate WAN into new locations. GTT is able to ensure secure and reliable connectivity for any new location requirements on its global Tier 1 IP network that is supplemented by its relationships with regional network suppliers worldwide. Through the GTT EtherVision portal, Röchling Automotive gains simplified control and visibility of site-specific settings and policy management.

GTT further delivers site-specific security solutions to meet the manufacturer's rigorous conditions for the exchange of proprietary information with any third parties. These include combining a GTT-managed firewall with other virtual firewalls to guarantee data encryption compliant with ISO 27001 protocols.

For more information, read the case study here.


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