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Online Service Assurance – How We support You Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are my support alternatives changing?

GTT is moving to online support. As a GTT customer, you will be able to contact our Service Assurance team via the EtherVision portal, or via email at [email protected]. Online support is trackable and reliable. Our always-on EtherVision portal is the simplest, most seamless way to stay in touch with GTT.

2. How does that affect my business?

We foresee no meaningful change to your business.

3. How can I contact the Service Assurance/NOC teams?

Our Service Assurance team can be reached via email or via our EtherVision Portal. See below the relevant links and email address for your convenience. All these details are also present in our EtherVision portal.
Portal: EtherVision
Email: [email protected]

4. What is the EtherVision Portal?

EtherVision is GTT’s self-service portal. It provides you with an overall view of your services, as well as real-time monitoring and alerts, performance metrics, service inventory management, support ticket management, ordering and order tracking, and billing management. It is the simplest, most seamless way to stay in touch with GTT.

5. How can I log into the EtherVision Portal?

You may access EtherVision at:

6. I do not have access to EtherVision Portal?

Ask your company administrator, GTT’s Account Representative or Customer Service Center, or access EtherVision at: and click on Request EtherVision Account

7. Who do I contact for other types of inquiries?

For any billing issues please email [email protected]. For any other issues, your assigned Account Manager and/or Customer Success Manager will guide you on how to resolve your inquiries if unrelated to the Service Assurance team and support tickets.

8. What if I send service requests or report an incident to my Account Representative or Customer Success Center?

Your request will re-direct you to engage with the EtherVision portal or email for Service Assurance. Kindly note, EtherVision is an easy route to reporting, tracking, and resolving support tickets. This will help prevent any delays in response or resolution. Reach out to us via your EtherVision portal – the simplest, most seamless way to stay in touch with GTT.

9. Will EtherVision show the relevant/applicable email addresses for me to use to contact your Service Assurance/NOC teams?

Yes, EtherVision provides up-to-date contact details for engagement and escalation. The contact details can be accessed on the EtherVision Home page Dashboard in the Contact List widget. Select the NOC tab for contact and escalation details.


10. Does the response and resolution time change when logging an incident via the portal or via email?

We foresee no adverse impact on either response or resolution times; however, we expect the response time to improve by providing a ticket reference back immediately and resolution time may improve as we have templates (for initial diagnosis and troubleshooting) to capture information for different incident scenarios.

11. Will this change also affect my network provisioning services (NetProv)?

If an activation is needed on one of your services, you will need to contact the assigned Project Manager (PM) or the assigned Service Delivery Coordinator (SDC) to request the date and time of the service’s activation.  They will coordinate the activation in collaboration with you and GTT’s Network Provisioning Team (previously known as PNOC).

Therefore, this change does not affect the provisioning of your services and your ability to call/email your assigned Project Manager and/or Service Delivery Coordinator.

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