Hybrid Cloud

Scalable, Flexible & Secure

GTT’s Hybrid Cloud service combines scalable cloud computing with an integrated private network, delivering security, high performance and low latency with the scalability and automation of the public cloud. 


What is Hybrid Cloud?

Our Hybrid Cloud service combines scalable cloud computing with an integrated private network, delivering security, high performance and low latency with the scalability and automation of the public cloud.

The Benefits of GTT Cloud Connect


Our Tier 1 global network delivers lower latency than purely public cloud solutions. Perfect for your high-performance applications.


We offer free data transfer between zones – normally charged for by other public cloud providers. Saving you significant costs.


We’re one of the only providers to offer you data residency outside of the US meaning you’re not subjected to intrusive regulations.

Private & Hybrid by Default

Our Hybrid Cloud service combines public cloud flexibility with private cloud confidence, reliability and security. We offer hybrid integration with secure connectivity, migration and management across AWS, Microsoft Azure and GTT’s own Virtual Data Centre (VDC) platform.


Truly Global

With over 300 direct connect locations with private and public cloud access, GTT’s Hybrid Cloud service is built to serve a multinational client base and integrate with existing networks and services to provide best-in-class performance for your users and customers. Using our Cloud Connect service you can connect directly to all key cloud service providers.


Secure by Design

Our VDC and Cloud Connect portfolios have been architected with security at their core to ensure full control over your infrastructure, applications and data end-to-end. Our Secure Networking services build on this base and work with your business to secure your data and applications from all potential threats.


Why GTT?

Secure connectivity, migration & management across any platform (AWS, Azure & VDC).
Free data transfer included between zones.
European data residency compliant.
Gain visibility and control at the user and application level
PCI-DSS compliant.
Fully automated API & UI-driven.
Integrated with GTT’s Tier 1 global IP network.

Global VDCs

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