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DDoS Attacks: Understanding, Mitigating, and Preventing a Major Cybersecurity Threat

Everything You Need to Know about DDoS Attacks:

DDoS attacks have a drastic impact on enterprises, leading to substantial losses in revenue and reputation.

$218K USD is the average cost of a DDoS attack to a business

15.4M DDoS attacks occurred worldwide in 2023

The best way for organizations to mitigate DDoS attacks is through the latest generation of always-on, real-time, automatic DDoS protection.

GTT & Corero - Solution Guide

Learn how DDoS mitigation helps safeguard your infrastructure with real-time protection

The Landscape of DDoS Attacks

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks pose a significant cybersecurity threat to an organization’s infrastructure. They have become an easy method for cyber-attacks that just about anyone can launch. The rise of DDoS-for-hire botnets has caused a surge in attacks, largely due to their affordability and the minimal technical knowledge required to execute them.

The Crucial Role of Real-Time DDoS Protection

Real-time DDoS protection has become more critical than ever. With the expectation of internet response and resilience coming down to seconds, not minutes, DDoS attacks pose a major threat to business continuity. Downtime and internet disruption can severely impact brand reputation, customer trust, and revenue.

The Benefits of GTT’s DDoS Protection Service

GTT’s DDoS Protection Service provides a cutting-edge solution using real-time, automatic mitigation technology. This innovative service enables DDoS protection at your full edge bandwidth, allowing your network to perform optimally. The service operates inline, reducing the detection-to-mitigation timeline to seconds, or even sub-seconds.

GTT’s DDoS Protection Service: A Difference You Can Trust

GTT’s DDoS Protection Service stands apart in the cybersecurity landscape. GTT deploys DDoS scrubbing centers across the globe integrated into its infrastructure  providing the capacity and scalability to mitigate large-scale attacks. The service also includes multiple service levels and deployment options to fit your organization’s needs and budget.


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A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is a significant cybersecurity threat where multiple compromised computers are used to overwhelm a single system, causing disruption or denial of service.

DDoS attacks can disrupt your business operations, leading to downtime, loss of revenue, and damage to your brand reputation.

GTT’s DDoS Protection Service uses real-time, automatic mitigation technology to enable DDoS protection at your full edge bandwidth, providing the ability to scale to tens-of-terabits.

When under attack, GTT’s DDoS Protection Service mechanisms automatically trigger and operate autonomously to block over 99% of attacks, reducing the detection-to-mitigation timeline to seconds, or even sub-seconds.

GTT’s DDoS Protection Service is backed by a top-ranked global Tier 1 IP backbone, offering multiple service levels and deployment options, and includes 24x7x365 support. It provides robust defense against DDoS attacks, ensuring business continuity.

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