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Kiabi Case Study

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High network visibility (avg. >99.7%)
Average bandwidth increased per store
Deployment of 4G and 5G solutions facilitating timely new store openings
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GTT’s dedicated internet service, MPLS connections, and local support helped Kiabi streamline its operations across 431 sites in France, Italy, Belgium and Asia-Pacific. Facing challenges with international connectivity, GTT provides a robust solution that significantly improves Kiabi’s service quality and enhances production by reducing network incidents.


Sales Territories


Production Countries


Employees worldwide

€2.3 billion

Annual revenue

The Need

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, maintaining a robust online and offline presence is crucial for retail success. Kiabi needed to ensure consistent, secure and efficient connectivity across its expansive international network. This was to realize essential components of its omni-channel strategy, including seamless and secure payment processing, real-time inventory tracking and immediate customer support.

Customer loyalty programs and sales data accessibility also necessitated a dependable network solution. In addition, overcoming the challenge of maintaining seamless connectivity, especially in locations with stringent regulatory environments, such as Hong Kong, was imperative for Kiabi’s international direction.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Kiabi is increasingly using SaaS solutions, supported by GTT’s high-performance, low-latency global infrastructure, to meet its customers’ expectations for seamless online shopping experiences, swift payment processing and immediate query resolutions. Its unified shopping experiences foster customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Real-Time Inventory Management

Kiabi’s visibility throughout its corporate network has been enhanced by GTT’s network management, facilitated via the EtherVision customer portal. EtherVision offers valuable data and reports, as well as real-time monitoring of individual sites. This helps to minimize any network issues and ensure uninterrupted network operations for Kiabi. Consistent network uptime is crucial for the global retailer to ensure the effective management of its inventory, optimizing omni-channel sales and minimizing losses.

Adaptability & Global Expansion

From production, to sales, to vendors, franchises and employees, Kiabi’s business interactions stretch around the world. GTT’s international expertise in access management and an always-on and secure global tier 1 backbone allow Kiabi to scale and expand into new markets seamlessly, connecting with all of its stakeholders worldwide.


Every day, in partnership with GTT, we strive to enhance the quality of our network services. As a result, we’ve experienced fewer network incidents, and optimized international connectivity management. The responsive and dedicated GTT team helped us overcome our global connectivity challenges effectively.”

Aymeric Picart, Network Team Manager at Kiabi

The GTT Solution

Kiabi entrusted GTT to manage its connectivity across sites in Europe and Asia-Pacific. GTT’s enhanced connectivity services, such as managed MPLS and DIA, were deployed across an extensive network of over 431 sites, including 400 outlets across France, Italy and Belgium and two pivotal data centers and strategic procurement hubs in Hong Kong, Bangladesh and India. The transformation also involved moving to fiber-based connectivity at all sites. To facilitate speedy deployment of new shop openings, GTT also worked with Kiabi to deliver a mix of 4G and 5G fixed wireless access services.

GTT delivers a managed service, ensuring high-quality, resilient connectivity for Kiabi’s stores, warehouses and logistics centers, enabling a customer-first operation strategy by providing access to business-critical applications anytime, anywhere. With vigilant monitoring of key sites, GTT provides the reliability necessary for Kiabi to meet its vision and deliver exceptional retail experiences to its customers, and to grow business.

The partnership is further supported by GTT Professional Services, including dedicated Project Management, Service Management and Technical Management. This team supports Kiabi with several extended services, including reporting, technical consultancy and best-practice governance arrangements in line with the retailer’s requirements. These services play a crucial role in helping execute day-to-day operations seamlessly, allowing Kiabi to focus on other essential aspects of business.

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