Managed SD-WAN

Network Smarter

The enterprise WAN is becoming increasingly complex with rapid growth in network traffic, integration of multiple transport technologies and the shift to cloud-based applications. GTT’s Managed SD-WAN service puts network traffic management in your control, allowing you to route applications and utilize bandwidth more efficiently, providing enhanced performance for your hybrid wide area network.


Intelligent, Customized Routing

GTT’s Managed SD-WAN service allows you to define business policies for your network traffic, segmenting into service groups based on parameters such as required performance, CoS and security. Traffic is then dynamically routed across private or public connections, such as MPLS, internet and 3G/4G wireless, per its policy definition.


Improved Network Efficiency

Maximize your network investment with the ability to use all available bandwidth at the same time. Managed SD-WAN also makes it easier to integrate geographically disparate locations into your network, eliminate costly branch office network equipment, and implement WAN failover at branch sites.



With GTT’s Managed SD-WAN, you can align an application’s priority with its path. This ensures high-quality delivery of real-time applications, such as voice, video and unified collaboration, from end to end. The service also allows you to monitor application performance through an application visibility and analytics portal.


Integrated, Fully-managed Network

Our Managed SD-WAN service can be combined with our public and private wide area networking services to create a truly unified, managed network. Take advantage of secure, private access to business-critical applications and our ecosystem of leading cloud service providers, as well as flexible billing and the efficiency of a single service contract.

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Multiple Access Options
Public (Internet)
Private (MPLS, Ethernet)
Broadband and wireless (LTE and 3G/4G)

Policy definition based on traffic priority and performance requirements
GTT-management of application-routing business policies

Private, secure connectivity to leading cloud service providers
Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, IBM and Oracle

Increased efficiency
Reduced network equipment and support required at branch offices
Complete utilization of all bandwidth and network links

Improved application performance across the network
Portal provides visibility into performance (packet loss, latency and jitter) and analytics


Managed SD-WAN

Benefit from enhanced performance, more efficient bandwidth utilization and cost efficiencies across your network.


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Managed Services

Take advantage of industry-leading IT expertise and support at a lower total cost of ownership.


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