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5G Fixed Wireless

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Fixed wireless access (FWA) with 5G ultra-wideband capabilities far outpace 4G LTE technology and now provides an even more reliable method for business internet customers to close technological gaps or digital deserts.

Fixed Wireless Access

Provide stable high-speed internet to your employees across the globe with FWA. FWA is a type of 5G technology that relies on radio waves to broadcast high-speed signals across vast distances instead of fiber optic cabling, reducing the number of infrastructural challenges related to traditional broadband access.


The constantly evolving digital landscape businesses face includes cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT) and expanded e-commerce platforms, which all demand internet access with high bandwidth, low latency and fast speeds.

5G fixed wireless access is scalable and affordable, ideal for mid-size and global businesses.  GTT’s global availability and reliable connectivity make it perfect for multinational enterprises.

Where Global Reach Meets High-Speed Efficiency

Enterprises undergoing a digital transformation need an optimized ecosystem with reliable 5G network technology. GTT is a certified Cradlepoint partner, enabling us to meet those wireless internet demands with managed 5G connectivity solutions.

From primary circuit replacement to Wide Area Network (WAN) backup systems, GTT’s 5G business internet service offers a rich portfolio of business internet plans with a customer-centric focus.

Advanced 5G network technology allows us to deliver lightning-fast download speeds across cellular networks. Whether your business is in retail, finance, food & beverage, healthcare, manufacturing or service, our high-speed wireless internet access is available in urban, suburban and rural areas.

GTT 5G Fixed Wireless Access – Gain peace of mind

GTT 5G fixed wireless access (FWA) offers the next generation of wireless connectivity, minus traditional wired infrastructure. With leading wireless operator partners, your enterprise gets high performance internet connectivity for primary and backup applications.

Businesses with traditional broadband service are looking for new, high-performance options or to insulate their business from unexpected downtime and loss of revenue. In addition, many organizations want 5G-based fixed wireless access networks as an internet connection for SD-WAN. GTT 5G fixed wireless access (FWA) offers the next generation of wireless connectivity, minus traditional wired infrastructure.


5G fixed wireless access from a reliable service provider, like GTT, opens the door for faster speeds, fewer business interruptions and improved scalability.


Expansive Global Reach

Traditional Wi-Fi networks powered by cable-based broadband are only available in select areas. GTT’s partnership with Cradlepoint provides high-speed internet in areas that have been traditionally hard to reach for cable companies.

Real Time Response

Real-Time Reporting

Receive real-time reports from the moment of activation to keep tabs on the connectivity your organization requires.  EtherVision, GTT’s customer web portal, provides insights into the performance of your wireless broadband connection.

Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Don’t lose profits to operation interruptions. GTT’s enterprise-grade technology provides a dependable connectivity solution to ensure continuous performance.


Customer-Centric Focus

Streamline your budget with a predictable, fixed-price guarantee each month on unlimited usage plans—all from one bill, one contract and one account manager.


With options available in the United States from Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T as examples, it’s crucial you understand why GTT’s approach to 5G fixed wireless access remains the best option for businesses.


Managed SD-WAN Services

Connect remote and hybrid end-users to critical business applications while separating them from underlying network infrastructures, providing greater real-time security.

Dedicated Internet (DIA)

High-quality internet connectivity for enterprises, delivered on our leading Tier 1 IP network.


With reliability and network security at the forefront, our Ethernet services provide secure connectivity for your global business with various bandwidth speeds and configurations.


Consistent, flexible connectivity for smaller offices and remote users.


Don’t let questions stand in the way of achieving high-speed internet access wherever your business operates. Here are some answers to some common inquiries.

5G fixed wireless access relies on radio waves to transmit high-speed data across vast distances. Broadband wireline relies on copper or fiber optic cables to transmit data. Where broadband wireline requires extensive infrastructure for reliable access, 5G FWA can provide comparable download and upload speeds without the same infrastructure.

Yes, GTT’s services seamlessly integrate into your broader networking solutions to provide comprehensive connectivity.

Yes, 5G business internet access is available worldwide. GTT can provide internet access that spans the globe and includes 3G, 4G/LTE, and 5G options. When choosing between options, it’s important to note that access is contingent on whether 5G is available in your location. Otherwise, GTT will provide the next best coverage available.

Find out what makes GTT a world leader in reliability in our webinar and discover how managed services can jumpstart your company’s technological posture.

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The measuring stick of modern business capabilities is found in megabits per second (Mbps) instead of labor hours. Provide reliable 5G business internet access to your organization wherever you operate globally. Schedule a meeting with a GTT expert to learn more about our 5G fixed wireless access!


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