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We operate a top-ranked Tier 1 IP network spanning six continents. Enterprises, carriers and governments rely on us for secure, high performance connectivity to any location in the world and every application in the cloud.

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Global Reach, Guaranteed Performance, Security & Reliability

Our global Tier 1 IP network connects 600+ PoPs on six continents, providing service reach to more than 140 countries. In everything we do, our goal is to make sure that every packet you send and receive travels over the most reliable and secure internet infrastructure available.

As a Tier 1 IP provider, we operate with 220Tbps of total IP edge capacity and directly connect to one-third of all internet routes. MPLS Traffic Engineering ensures that your traffic takes the most direct, lowest-latency path available, from origination to destination.

We monitor network capacity and performance, and proactively upgrade our infrastructure, to ensure seamless delivery of mission-critical traffic, even as your bandwidth requirements grow.

Guaranteed Performance, Reliability and Security

In everything we do, our goal is to make sure that your network is as reliable and secure as it can possibly be.

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Learn more about how GTT can help support your business collaboration, mobility and growth.

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