Marna Fox
Marna Fox
ESG Program Lead
Marna Fox is the ESG Program Lead at GTT. She is an experienced Management Systems Manager with extensive knowledge and experience in developing, planning, implementing, maintaining and auditing of management systems.

At GTT, we believe that we have a significant role to play in creating global network connectivity and empowering businesses around the world. We also recognise that we need to step up our environmental, social and governance (ESG) impact by integrating ESG concerns into our business. It helps to build a stronger GTT, supporting our culture and defined 2.0 business strategy and reminds us that there’s another way of doing business, meaning we can progress as a company while caring for the environment, seeking social justice, and creating economic value.

We took an important step to establish a global ESG function as part of our ongoing business transformation and recently published its first inaugural report that provides a discussion of the company’s ongoing ESG commitments and priorities that underpin its mission and long-term goals. We have also set our strategic goals to improve our ESG scores and have several new initiatives underway that will support our ESG reporting and have a positive impact on not just the environment, but also the people we get involved with.
GTT values its people and recognises its employees as the advocates and the enablers that will drive our company’s ESG strategy forward.

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