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Dark Fiber

Your Private Network. Tailored to Your Unique Needs.

For clients seeking maximum capacity, security and control, GTT’s Dark Fiber offers a comprehensive set of services available across a broad geographic footprint.

Features & Benefits

  • Multiple Distance Options

    GTT’s vast network includes dense metropolitan fiber footprints, multiple intercity routes and pan-continental subsea connectivity, allowing you to connect as your demand dictates.

  • 24/7 Fiber Management

    GTT utilizes superior, carrier-class telemetry to detect fiber degradation before faults occur and locate break sites to within five meters. This is backed by our 24/7 NOC and local field teams to assure we meet our stringent SLAs.

  • Multiple Fiber Types

    Our homogenous deployments of long haul G.655 dark fiber and metro G.652 dark fiber, ensure higher predictability, which is fundamental for optimal network design.

  • Amped Up

    Space is available in our fully-monitored amplifier sites along all fiber routes. The average distance between our colocation facilities is only 72km, and in 92% of cases, the distance between facilities is less than 90km, allowing for flexible, future-proof optical designs.

  • Scalable Technology

    With our temporary fiber pair offering, you have the ability to upgrade equipment on to a redundant fiber pair, then seamlessly migrate services onto this new fiber pair with minimal disruption.

  • Global Connectivity

    All fiber routes connect to major business parks, major data center facilities and GTT’s global network.


  • Plug & play

    Buy the fiber from us, light it up and run your network the way that best suits you

  • Comprehensive fiber management

    We quickly pinpoint fault details and locations, speeding up fix times

  • Reduce third party delays

    Because we own the network from the duct up, you can expect a consistent, high level of service and rapid resolution of network issues

  • A one-stop-shop

    Offering you tailored solutions for your network needs through our proven ability to build and acquire off-footprint networks

  • Large metropolitan fiber networks

    Our long-haul fiber network dovetails into our substantial metro fiber assets across Europe, offering the reach you need to build an end-to-end network with one supplier

  • Flexibility & control

    Expand your own backbone, transform your asset from NETEX to CAPEX, or manage data center interconnects

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