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High Capacity for Optimal Performance

GTT’s Wavelengths deliver secure, high-speed connectivity and guaranteed bandwidth, allowing organizations to easily scale network capacity to meet their increasing bandwidth needs.

Features & Benefits

  • Diverse Capabilities & Service Options

    GTT’s Wavelengths are offered at speeds of 10G and 100G. Both service options are available with OTN, SDH/SONET or Ethernet interfaces. We also support native wavelength (virtual fiber and spectrum services), as well as other common data center protocols.

    GTT offers a variety of protection options to comply with the most stringent availability requirements utilizing diverse paths across the GTT network.

  • Latest-Generation Platform

    GTT delivers Wavelengths across its wholly owned and operated DWDM terrestrial and subsea fiber infrastructure. Our optical network spans more than 350 PoPs across North America and Europe, offers five diverse routes from the UK to Europe, and includes three transatlantic subsea cables: GTT North, GTT South and GTT Express.

  • Fastest Path Across the Atlantic

    GTT Express is a 4,600 km transatlantic cable that is composed of six fiber pairs with 53 Tbps of capacity. The cable system provides the lowest-latency connectivity and route diversity between major financial, media and commercial centers in North America and Europe. Latency performance is under 59 ms on the New York-to-London route.

  • Meeting the Needs of Diverse Market Segments

    GTT’s Wavelengths are designed to meet specific capacity, diversity and latency performance requirements of the most demanding industries. Carriers, ISPs, web scales and enterprises can leverage our managed wavelengths to scale up their networks as bandwidth requirements grow, synchronize and manipulate big data, and support other content-rich network transport requirements.


  • Latest-generation optical platform

  • Network composed of over 350 owned and operated optical PoPs in Europe and North America

  • Three transatlantic cables, including the lowest-latency route available today

  • Five diverse paths from the UK to Europe

  • 10G and 100G service options

  • Protected options on transatlantic routes with 50 ms failover

  • Route diversity, with the ability to circumvent specific metros, as required

  • Guaranteed latency SLA

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