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One Network Across Your Business

GTT’s VPLS provides any-to-any connectivity, extending your network across multiple locations, anywhere in the world. VPLS combines the simplicity of Ethernet with the resiliency of our underlying MPLS network to provide complete control over your routing environment.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple Service, Maximum Control

    VPLS is easy to manage, extending the simplicity of the Ethernet LAN across the WAN. GTT’s VPLS network enables you to maintain full routing control of traffic, with no sharing of your routing table or IP addressing. The service allows for transmission of IP traffic, as well as non-IP traffic, with no encapsulation or conversion required.

  • High-Quality Service Delivery

    Our VPLS service employs P-bit prioritization for Class of Service (CoS) at no additional cost, allowing you to segment traffic into four classes. This ensures that latency-sensitive applications are given the highest priority, providing an optimal end-user experience.

  • Flexible Bandwidth Options

    GTT provides flexible bandwidth options, including flat-rate billing as well as burstable ports to meet data spikes. Unlike many VPLS providers, we also offer an aggregate committed data rate (ACDR) plan that allows for sharing of bandwidth across ports, so you can avoid overpaying for idle capacity.

  • Real-Time Reporting

    Gain detailed insight into your network performance, track real-time statistics, and view order status and billing through our EtherVision portal.


  • Multipoint configuration – fully meshed sites

  • Supports IP & non-IP traffic delivery

    Leverages GTT’s leading Tier 1 IP backbone
    Integrated, secure connectivity between GTT’s core network and the internet via our on-net SD-WAN gateways

  • Flexible bandwidth

  • Global coverage – availability in over 600 PoPs

  • Ethernet Virtual Circuits (EVCs)

    Ability to combine multiple traffic types and protocols on a single connection

  • Robust SLAs

    Availability: 99.999%

    Frame/packet loss ratio: ≤0.1%

    Frame jitter: ≤2ms

    Latency by region

  • VLAN tagging (802.1Q) & Q in Q tag stacking (802.1AD)

  • Up to 9000 byte MTU

  • Customizable CoS profiles (P-bit prioritization), for no additional charge

  • Established NNIs with partner networks for seamless last-mile coverage

  • Port types

    Fast Ethernet (FastE)

    Gigabit Ethernet (GigE)

    10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 GigE)

    100 Gigabit Ethernet (100 GigE)

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