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EtherVision is GTT’s Client Facing Web Portal. It is Your Comprehensive View Into Your Services With GTT.


In EtherVision, you can view and track the progress of your orders, view and pay your bill online, see a real time monitoring view of your sites, open, update and receive updates on your tickets, submit change requests, quote and order new services, manage your SD-WAN Business policies, view your performance metrics and run reports on all your services, and configure your views to be most relevant to you. *


Welcome to EtherVision – EtherVision is GTT’s client-facing portal to manage your services and your account. Watch the video and discover how EtherVision enhances every facet of your GTT service experience.


GTT EtherVision features - monitoring icon


See a real time visualization of your sites and service statuses across the world. Drill down into each country/state/province/town for a selected view of your sites. See a detailed view of each site and its performance metrics by selecting into each service on the map.


See a list of all of your active, in-progress (open), and disconnected services. Customize and download your service grid views to see exactly the services you want by re-ordering, re-naming, and filtering columns. Drill down into the details of your services and see location, service, site contact, and date details of each order. View any upcoming dispatches, open tickets, and change requests on that particular service.

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GTT EtherVision features - support icon


View and monitor your open tickets. Customize and download your ticket grid views to see exactly the tickets you want by re-ordering, re-naming, and filtering columns.

Create new, edit, update and close tickets. Get real time updates from GTT on the status of your tickets and real time resolution updates.


See and run new SD-WAN reports for QOE score, latency, packet loss, utilization, and jitter. View and change SD-WAN business policy rules for profiles and re-assign edges to profiles.

GTT EtherVision features - SD-WAN management icon
GTT EtherVision features - billing icon


View and download your invoices, see an account summary and view any outstanding balance. Make a one time payment via EtherVision and set up automatic, recurring payments via credit card, ACH, or direct debit. (Americas and UK only)

View, create, edit, and delete billing inquiries and claims. Get real time updates from GTT on the status of your inquiries and claim and get real-time resolution updates.


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