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The Need for Always-On, Real-Time DDoS Security Solutions

A Whitepaper From GTT & Corero


A whitepaper from

GTT Corero


Read this whitepaper to learn: 


The impact of DDoS attacks on your business & the need for always-on, real-time security


What steps you can take to strengthen your business' security stance


Which key assessment tools are available to assist in the alignment of your DDoS strategy

In this whitepaper you will gain key insights such as the danger of DDoS attacks and the risks your business faces by not investing in real-time, always-on protection, and the fact that it takes just one second for a DDoS attack to significantly impact your revenue, brand reputation, and market share.


You’ll find out why not all "always-on” DDoS solutions are created equal and why GTT with Corero Network Security technology is a leading choice for DDoS protection. Additionally it will offer some effective approaches your business can take now to protect against DDoS attacks and contribute to a safer digital world.

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