Environmental Policy Statement

GTT seeks to manage the environmental impact of our products, services and operations and continually improve our environmental performance and operating methods for the benefit of our customers, employees and communities. Our aim is to understand our global environmental footprint and effectively integrate climate change and natural resource considerations into our overall business strategy. 

With respect to the environment, we endeavor to:

  • Respect and obey applicable environmental laws, rules and regulations
  • Develop and maintain an environmental management program guided by recognized international standards and industry best practices
  • Standardize our data collection methods and create key performance indicators to monitor our environmental impact
  • Establish practical objectives and targets to advance our environmental performance across relevant areas
  • Encourage our business partners to satisfy environmental compliance requirements
  • Promote environmental awareness and responsibility among our employees
  • Enhance our reporting and transparency with respect to our environmental activities

We will regularly evaluate our environmental programs, methods, objectives and targets and will seek to align our approaches with changes in the business as well as the expectations of our valued stakeholders.  

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