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Cloud Networking

ZTNA 2.0: The New Standard for Securing Access

The rise of zero trust network access (ZTNA) is a result of cloud transformation and the shift to remote work. We now live in a world where work is no longer a place we go to. Instead, it’s something we do.


IDC: How to Realize the Full Potential of SD-WAN

A new survey of 650 global ICT professionals revealed most enterprises have deployed or plan to deploy SD-WAN by 2024, with the goal of optimizing IT architectures, improving application performance and achieving integrated cybersecurity.

Cloud Networking

SASE Protects a Changing Workplace Against Dynamic Threat Environments

Omdia’s Cindy Whelan discusses how you can use SASE to improve your defenses. She explores how hybrid working has increased the need for the enterprises to adapt their approach to network security.

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