GTT Managed SD-WAN provides Hansgrohe with a high-performance secure global network to help its business thrive.

    40 Locations connected via SD-WAN across Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and the Americas
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    Increased bandwidth by 187%
    Decreased cost per MB by 10%
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GTT’s Managed Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) services deliver secure and fast worldwide connectivity to Hansgrohe, a global provider of high-quality bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Managed SD-WAN improves efficiency and application performance by prioritizing traffic and supporting the Hansgrohe move to hybrid working. GTT Managed SD-WAN supports 40 locations around the world, achieving increased bandwidth by 187% and reduced cost per MB by 10%.

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The Need

Hansgrohe extended its work with GTT to upgrade and streamline its network to further enhance transformation initiatives. Hansgrohe’s objective was to embrace the capabilities of the cloud fully and securely while also expanding its network capacity to support business-to-consumer communication along with business-to-business activities.

  • Improve Global Communications & Improve Access to Data
    Improve Global Communications & Improve Access to Data
    40 locations connected via SD-WAN across Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and the Americas
  • Enhance Speed & Performance
    Enhance Speed & Performance
    Increased bandwidth by 187%
  • Reduce Cost
    Reduce Cost
    Decreased cost per MB by 10%
  • The Solution

    In 2017, GTT delivered one of Europe’s first‑wave SD‑WAN deployments for Hansgrohe. Through collaboration and a strong partnership, the companies have been able to achieve continuous improvement in network performance and efficiency.

    Hansgrohe extended its work with GTT early in 2021 to upgrade and streamline the network in support of the company’s digital transformation initiatives. Its objective was to embrace the capabilities of the cloud fully and securely while also expanding its network capacity to support business‑to‑consumer communication along with business‑to‑business activities.

    Managed SD-WAN to unite a global enterprise

    In addition to its headquarters in Germany, Hansgrohe operates seven manufacturing sites worldwide with 34 subsidiaries. It has a total of 40 locations connected via SD‑WAN across Europe, the Asia‑Pacific region and the Americas. To maintain its stature as the world’s leading provider of bathroom and kitchen fixtures, Hansgrohe analyzes massive amounts of data to monitor consumer trends, supply chain information and administrative operations.

    Recognizing that its previous technology configuration could not keep pace with its growing business, Hansgrohe turned to longstanding partner GTT to provide a Managed SD‑WAN solution to transform the company’s network for future business growth. The service instantly accommodated the company’s growing need for bandwidth and faster access to data. The ability of the service to prioritize the network traffic ensures that Hansgrohe’s employees around the world have immediate, reliable and secure access to the information and applications they need, whether working remotely, in the office or on the road.

    To enable its network transformation Hansgrohe migrated from MPLS to an internet‑based underlay, leveraging GTT’s global Tier 1 IP network to provide greater network assurance, flexibility and speed. GTT Managed SD‑WAN was selected to automate the operation and management of Hansgrohe’s global network, improving visibility and control of the network and increasing efficiency and reliability.

    Secure connectivity around the globe

    The GTT Managed SD‑WAN solution also supported the company’s move to Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint and Teams. These cloud‑based tools proved even more valuable as Hansgrohe migrated to a remote work model following the emergence of COVID‑19. Hansgrohe completed its migration shortly before the pandemic struck, allowing the company to quickly adjust to the realities of the new remote work era.

    The GTT solution provides safe and secure connectivity with enhanced end‑to‑end encryption and the ability to allow remote sites to connect directly to the company’s secure Microsoft Office 365 cloud, and to redirect traffic, when necessary, through a secure gateway when users attempt to access less trusted destinations on the global internet.

    As Goetz observes, “As an early adopter of SD‑WAN starting in 2017, we have learned a lot. We saw the move to cloud coming and the need for more bandwidth and performance to handle all the data supporting the growth of our business. Now, the GTT Managed SD‑WAN gives us the additional flexibility and bandwidth we need and the ability to prioritize our most critical communication over other less critical connections to ensure our people can collaborate efficiently.”

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